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Here is some tips to be a Pro in GrowtopiaEdit

Here is some tips for you to be a pro on Growtopia to be a good player not to be a scammer the most important word in growtopia is (Trust) cause if you are trusted then people can give you items,seeds or some cloths or block cause pf your your good posture and being a friendly player.

Update (1.2) will be on August 23,2015

Current version (1.1)


Tip Edit

☀tel:123456754321tel:123456754321 Edit

If you are new in GT what you need to do first is fist your grandma to create your random world cause you only need have some seeds deep in there and to earn only 50 gems.Next if you have 50 gems buy your 1st small lock and next is to create your own farming world and place the small lock.Then place the small lock at the top of the exit door and make sure you put block on each side of the Exit door were the small lock is covering the blocks cause of the player who get in will stuck cause you are the only one who have access on your small lock.Then next make sure you have Rock and Dirt seeds to make grass tree and harvest it and plant it again and again etc. to have 200 grass seeds then go exit and go to Popular shop or world then go yell to players that you sell 200 seeds.Then trade the player with your seeds then he must pay 1 World lock to have your 1st world lock in GT then go back to your farming world then place your world lock anywhere to lock your world and you have only access to destr

Tip no. (1.2) Get more World lock Edit

To get more world locks here's a tip for you. 1st you need a friend that you can trust, then give him access to your world then you 2 will go farming in your world and get some gems, seeds and plants etc. Then if you have 50 Gems buy seeds pack and plant it if the rarity is higher you can go and build your shop in building your shop you need (Random blocks,house entrance door,sign) is the main items you need to build your shop.You will drop the items inside the entrance door were players cant get the items then set up the price by taping the punch then it will turn into a wrench then set up your prize to 1Wl or 1Hl or 1Bl and 1Sl WL means world lock Hl means huge lock Bl mean big lock and Sl means small lock that is the greatest tips thank you can have to get more wl.DL is diamond lock it can be convert buy tapping 100 world lock in inventory. EL means emerald lock you need 100 emerald shards to convert a emerald lock but i dont sure if 100 emerald shards.

Tip no. (1.3) dont scam!!! Edit

If you are asking what are the right tips to buy items. Well you come up to the right wikia 1st when you are buying items at the shop make sure you have wl to pay cause some of the shops only accept pure.Pure means paying right (example: 1wl pure) means pay only 1wl pay right whats the sign says.Then if you saw some shop which is a little place for public and dosn't have a sign says pay pure well you come up to the right shop unless is the owner is selling noob items a lower rarity if you saw some cool items at there you can offer the owner make sure you offer some high rarity for him to accept your offer.Or if you are not a scammer you can hire yourself a worker at the shop to help him earn money make sure you don't take any items unless the owner gives your payment.

Tip no. (1.4) Help players with no scam Edit

You can help players by helping break if you saw some world or shop with a sign say help break go ahead and break some players says that breaking is too boring but they don't know by breaking then can earn exp to if the are lvl 20 then can broadcast to players even that you dint take some items or gems you earned exp which is good to me.Next is some worlds that needs help they pay wl if you are finish breaking some are broadcasting that they need help to break they pay wl example:(I need 2 workers to break get payed of wl) some of worlds that can give you access for helping him or her by breking blocks if you can be trustable.

Tip no. (1.5) Right way to talk Edit

So you are talking to your friends or player you need to talk normal and with kindness and with respect.Cause if you are talking to players with a bad mouth you will get ban cause some owners don't like talking like a devil and yelling that the world is scam cause some world is scam example:(Go play parkour get wl for prize) that scam cause you think about who player would drop a world lock that easy.Cause when i comes to world lock giveaway all players go bananas for just 1wl but you must be a kind player even when you are new have respect to players and keep kind no scam ok...

Tip no. (1.6) Making the right tree Edit

If you are making some tree that you want you need some spliced seeds to combined and to make a tree here is some recipes to make some trees that you want from 1 to 3.

(Tier 1 items)

Dirt Lava Rock Cave Background Sand Martian Soil Mars Rocks 

(Tier 2 items)

Dirt + Glass Pane Happy Joy Plaque = Door + Cave Background Torch = Sign + Lava Wheat = Grass + Sand

Tip no.(1.7) BEST WAY TO BE PRO IS... Edit

if your cousin allows it steal his resources :) not steal them but use them. I made 10 dls like this and go to provending my cousins shop:) there will be giveaway on 31/3/2017 - giveaway will be 5wls+

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